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Outlined below are the different types of decoration we will consider to add your brand to your promotional merchandise. If you would like to request a particular type of decoration, please advise your The Branded Merchandise Co. representative.


Embroidery is a method of machine stitching your design onto a fabric based product. There are many variations of thread and thread colour available. Embroidery can also be produced giving a 3Dlook and feel. Embroidery is charged on "stitch count", which means the number of stitches to replicate your logo or image. T he more complex logo or image, the higher the stitch count and cost. In order to embroider, a set up called digitization must happen. Digitization and machine set up usually incurs a cost of $90 per logo.

Screen Printing

Screen printing or silk screening is a printing technique particularly suited for flat or relatively flat surfaces. A screen that is exposed like a photo negative with your logo or image is used and a squeegee pushes ink through the unexposed areas leaving your logo on the surface under the screen. The cost will depend on the number of colours chosen for the design, therefore screen printing is costed on a "per colour" basis. The more colours in the logo or artwork the higher the cost as each colour has to be applied as a seperate process. If you choose to print a light colour on a dark surface, you may require a white base coat to be printed or white to be printed twice or “double hit”. This will add to the number of colours being printed. With screen printing there is generally a set up fee of $60.00+gst per colour, per position.

Lazer Engraving

Lazer Engraving is a process where the logo or artwork is etched into the product, this is a particularly popular and effective method for metalic promotional products such as metal key rings, metal pens, travel mugs etc. The engraved area contrasts from the background creating an effective and stylish finish that is permanent. There is generally a flat set up fee of $80.00+ gst for laser engraving.

Pad Printing

Pad Printing is a very common process for the printing of many promotional products. It is a method where ink is applied via a print pad to the product with a flat surface.It’s application and set up is also charged per colour and usually costs around $80.00+gst.

Sublimation Printing

Sublimation Printing is a heat dye process where the image is permanently empregnated into the fibers of the products surface. Sublimation is most commonly used on polyester sports clothing, mouse matts, stubby holders etc. Generally, the sublimation process of logos being transferred onto the fabric will need ot happen prior the product being manufactured or sewn. For example, you can not sublimate an already sewn t-shirt. The fabric would need to be sublimated prior to the t-shirt being sewn. Sublimation is popularly used as this method does not peel, crack or fade over time. The set up costs depend on the artwork and product involved.

Heat Transfer Printing

Artwork is produced and digitally printed on a vinyl decal and applied to the promotional merchandise using a heat transfer process. This method is commonly used when there are too many colours or the logo is too complex to screen print.There is no set up charge and artwork is charged on the quantity being transferred and the size of the logo or image.

Hot Stamping

Your design or logo is set on a metal relief die or plate which is heated and pressed onto the surface of the promotional item to achieve a recessed branding finish similar to debossing. Using this system of branding a metallic or colored foil full colour digital print can be applied to leather, vinyl or paper promotional product surfaces. This system is expensive but allows tones of colour and complex logos to be reproduced exactly.

Die-casting of

A 3 dimensional die is cut from a block of steel. Molten metal or plastic is injected into the die mold cavity. This system of manufacture is ideal for high end custom molded corporate gift ideas.


Production of coins, medallions and stamped promotional badges and other flat metal promotional products is achieved by striking a blank metal sheet with a hammer or stamp. The pattern on the die is transferred to the meal surface.

Offset Printing

Like traditional printing systems used to print high volume paper outputs this system of printing promotional products involves the transfer of ink from a metal printing plate to a rubber-covered cylinder and is generally used on more complex artwork of high volume production runs of branded items.